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Apr 19 2007

Peter Gelman Podcasts

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Click to buy Pete's novel, Flying Saucers Over HennepinOne of my favorite writers, Peter Gelman, is up to his old tricks. He’s done up some real nice podcasts, including one of his novel “Skull of the Robot.” Pete’s also a bicycle activist with a wry and dry (and possibly extra-planetary) sense of humor, so don’t miss “Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained.” Pete’s site, Danger Quest Mysteries, has more juicy goodness, so check it out, ‘k?

Long-time Permeable Press fans will remember Pete as the author of “Flying Saucers Over Hennepin” which Paul di Filippo, writing in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, described thusly: “Serious frivolity is in short supply today … Gelman spins a hilarious tale that addresses crucial dilemmas of our modern existence via a rubber chicken upside the head.”

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Apr 11 2007

WSU Bear Center

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Here’s a short video I wrote and produced that provides a quickie overview of the research at the Bear Center at Washington State University.

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Apr 04 2007

Memories from Life after Death (for RAW and T. McK.)

Essay by Brian Charles Clark

As Robert Anton Wilson (the man, the modality, the moonmeld) indicated in undisclosed locations known only to a select few, and the Dogon of West Africa have known for thousands of years, cheese is of alien origin. The phrase “the moon is made of green cheese” is not just smoke blowing from the door of an opium den. Rather, it is a literal truth, one a world-wide conspiracy has sought to suppress for many moons. Cows are robots from space, implanted with soulful stares that have but one purpose: to disarm and befuddle the planet Earth’s population into thinking that they, and other udder-bearing beasts, are the sole source of milk and milk by-products. Which, in fact, they are. Continue Reading »

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