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Jul 15 2007


Published by Brian under new media, poetry

More fun with the letter Q and the binary number of the beastbot: exQorpse, a PHP-driven dadabase from Shawn Rider. I say “more,” because Shawn has done other things–many brilliant, weird, and irrepressible things–like this before. exQorpse is premised on a sound idea shared by surrealism and new media: conversation is an art. Shawn may go wrong in leading the initial player of the Qorpse into negativity; there’s a lot of spamnet negativity. But, interestingly, the user can come back into the poetic conversation with a new nickname and find him/herself quoted (out of context and databasically; not all the words are ones you wrote): nicknames carry on with a life of their own. Interesting, and very Shawn, this persistence of memory. As some sort of expert system, the concept of the exquisite corpse game has intriguing use as a brainstorm device. This isn’t it, but it approaches proof of concept. After a few zillion more hours research and programming (and yo mamma’s gonna pay for it in taxes, guarantee), this Q of a brainstorming machine may be looked back upon as a forefeather. Continue Reading »

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