Jul 25 2007

Clarifying Butter

Published by Brian at 10:29 pm under poetry

I am a traveler.

I am a man
of the Goddess. I say:
We are entwined.

We seek, each
some others.

Soul makes images:
my soul is a mare;
my librarian is an owl,
catalogs eels of words.
A four-year-old boy
captains my ship.
My bear is warder of dark places.

My wolf
wants into your temple.

My bag of water bones
is subject to the dialogue
of the world. The wind
knows our fates.

One Response to “Clarifying Butter”

  1. Robinon 02 Nov 2007 at 7:34 am

    Wolves are always more welcome in my temple if a 4-year-old boy is captain of their ship.

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