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DJSkrotekkki is, well, a DJ writing and recording in eastern Washington.

James Greathouse is a multi-talented artist living on Maui. He is one of the principals of the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute.

Sarah Hafner is a long time friend of Puck. She contributed fiction to the print version of Puck in the ’90s, and the mother ship, Permeable Press, collected several of her stories in a chapbook, Some Girls. Her novel, The Elements of Style, was published in 1999 to many huzzahs while her 1992 book, Nice Girls Don’t Drink: Stories of Recovery, contributed to the essential and ongoing work of recovery through the telling of oral history. Puck welcomes Sarah back from her long hiatus.

Kurt Olson is a writer, performance poet, and musician from Eastern Washington. He finds inspiration in the eyes of the homeless and the hearts of children. He also loves Thai food.

Robin Pugh Yi is a devotee of her family, Holy Mother Mary, and ass-kicking guitar. Her current role in the revolution is to serve steak with wine sauce and fabulous pie at Northern Virginia flop houses. She’d love to see you post your role on “Puck.”

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Written by Brian

October 28th, 2007 at 9:42 am

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