Aug 13 2007

Dr. Sullivan’s Science, Episode 1

Published by Brian at 11:48 am under travel, the_secrets, film, science

Continuing on our journey along the Oregon coast, we stopped at a beach near Arch Cape, just south of Cannon Beach. More sea stacks, etc., all lovely.

We shot an educational science video which we hope you enjoy.

3 Responses to “Dr. Sullivan’s Science, Episode 1”

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  2. Arrietyon 20 Sep 2007 at 3:55 pm

    Gwen you are so cute!

    And you crack me up. Hello Brian!

  3. Chris Gon 01 Oct 2007 at 4:55 pm

    Just a note to thank you, Dr. Sullivan, for reminding us of the incredible history that the Oregon coast provides us. I was amazed at the number and variety of tools that have amassed in the sands, left no doubt from the many millions of ships that have met their doom on that treaturous Haystack. As I recall, the last ship to meets it’s doom there was the HMS Pinafore. It might be a good idea to return to that beach and find that liitle piece of history once again. What a fascinating libretto in would make.

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