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Mar 15 2007

Voting Is Not a Right

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You gotta love Cathy McMorris, Washington’s Fifth District represenative to Congress. She’s a staunch supporter of torture, claiming (against all evidence to the contrary) that it’s a reliable means of intelligence gathering. (Even the Israelis say torture is useless, but don’t tell Cathy that.) Now she’s written to tell me that ” the right to vote is not an inalienable right, however, and is contingent upon esteeming the rights of others. In committing a felony, a criminal infringes and threatens the rights of fellow citizens. As a consequence, the laws of Washington State are enforced to suspend certain rights of felons, including the right to vote.” Somebody needs to teach this woman to read–read the Constitution, that is. Especially since in the paragraph before she (or her PR flack, who obviously doesn’t know a contradiction from a hole in the wall) writes, “The most fundamental and essential aspect of a democratic society is the right to vote.” Not only is McMorris torture-loving rights revoker, but she’s deceptive as well. Continue Reading »

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Mar 07 2007


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We should be proud of nuclear warDJ Funken Wagnalls has a new song based on a sound byte from one of His Highnesses–Bush I or II, it’s not clear. Please have a listen to Proud before we all get blown to Hell. A few other musicians appear to have used this same sound bite, which years ago was floating around the Web, though repeated google searches have turned it up in quite a long time.

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