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WSU Trumps North Carolina?

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PULLMAN, Wash. – The big news around here is that Bill and Melinda Gates gave WSU 25 million bucks to kick start a school of global animal health, “like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but for animals,” to paraphrase the region’s newspapers from this past weekend. Not a bad idea at all, but somehow I’m a little blue that $25 mill is the best WSU has ever done in the gift department. But then I was never properly afraid of clowns as a child (in fact, I thought they were kind of cool, and wondered what I might be able to get away with dressed up as one) and so have always naturally taken the devil’s side of things. In the pet store, you’ll find me in the underdogs department.

On the brighter side, of course, and in what I hope is international news (allez les Cougs!), WSU is in the NCAA Sweet 16. We beat the knee-highs off of Notre Dame. We now face #1 seeded North Carolina at freekin hometown Charlotte. Ouch. If you have prayerful inclinations, your contributions to the stream would be most gratefully accepted next Thursday (Wednesday, your time? I mean, if you live in New Zealand or somewhere?).

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Written by Brian

March 24th, 2008 at 10:04 pm

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